List of international freight forwarders

Before starting with the main list of international freight forwarders. Let us start with the meaning of international freight forwarder,who are they and what they do? They are normally someone who handles International shipments. They also have the additional expertise to prepare and process. not just customs documentation but other activities that pertain to the international shipment of the country. This thread for workers is the one who is responsible for the durable and reliable shipment of goods and services.  

Finding a good freight forwarder?

There are various things to look for when going for an International freight forwarding 

  • Reputation- 

Make sure whatever company you choose has a reputation. A company that is renowned and has a good name inside forwarding.

  • Experience – 

A company that has experience in the field of Freight forwarding. This will get you stress-free by making your choices in a better way.

  • Network – 

Make sure the company you hire has a good network and connection. Watch the World so that you do not have to face problems. even if you do not receive any of your goods contact them from the other part of the country. 

  • Services – 

Make sure the company you hire has a nice and good set of services. That is not just for the sake of saying as a service but also makes you comfortable with the ongoing process.  

  • Pricing structure – 

No matter the company is expensive or quite cheap, remember transparency is the key to any company. Note that cheaper companies are not always reliable. They tend to show good services but are usually fake. 

  • Insurance – 

Picture the company you hire. It should have cargo insurance for you so that even if they’ll lose or misplace the goods. When going for global logistics make sure you have your insurance to backup. 

Best Freight Forwarding Companies

List of international freight forwarders – 

  • Kuehne + Nagel
  • Sinotrans Ltd. 
  • DHL Global forwarding
  • 4 DB Schenker USA
  • International moving company SDC
  • DSV Panalpina
  • Kerry logistic network 
  • C.H 
  • Expeditors International of Washington 

Final word 

Options in logistics and freight services are immense. Not just freight forwarders but there is an immense number of companies altogether. Your right call can make things easier for you and one wrong call can make it much harder for you. Things should be done at your convenience. 

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